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For Individuals

NMT coaching sessions with Dr. Schwartz provide a remarkably swift process for individual change.

One of the major differences from conventional approaches is that NMT results come early. A few sessions are usually sufficient to achieve new motivations and open new possibilities.

Eliminate Lifelong Frustrations

You don't have to stay trapped in the past. Nor do you need to spend time fixated on what has happened. NMT can quickly free you from the mental forces that have blocked your progress and limited your happiness.

Increase Your Confidence

When you are free of your past limitations and orientated on future possibilities, your personal confidence naturally grows. NMT is one of the most powerful ways to build your sense of self-worth, and your belief in positive outcomes.

Find Your Purpose

All of us are happiest when we are living in ways that express our own unique purpose. But it's hard to find your purpose when you are caught in the past or your mind is conflicted. NMT can liberate you to find your personal direction and live it.

Get Things Done

Do you find a gap between your plans and your actions? Are you constantly postponing the steps that would allow you to accomplish your goals? With the help of NMT, you’ll find yourself getting the important things done, including some that may have been postponed for most of your life.

Realize Your Goals

NMT is focused on your future. The message of this approach is clear: "It's OK to have dreams!" With a happier heart and a more balanced brain, you can look forward to turning your dreams into reality.