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About NMT

NeuroMotional Training™

A Breakthrough In Personal Change

NeuroMotional Training™ combines personal coaching with advanced brain technology in a way that has never occurred before.

NMT was created by Dr. Carl Schwartz in response to a crying need he saw among his clients for a faster, more effective path to change.

Limits of Therapy

Conventional psychotherapy has helped millions of people improve their lives. But there's a limit. The problem with conventional approaches is that they dig through the past, assuming that once your history is brought to light you will become free of it.

The evidence suggests something more is needed. Your past must be linked to the future. It needs to be connected with positive possibilities. Ultimately, there's little freedom to be found in what happened before. Your freedom lies in what's to come.

Harnessing the Brain

Opening doorways to a new future is difficult when the brain is clouded with the tensions of the past.

Dr. Schwartz uses advanced brain technology to release these tensions. It listens to your current brain-state and then "talks" to the brain, sending gentle energy that creates a healthier mental condition.

We all have a certain amount of noise in our heads: anxiety, repeated thoughts, clouds of sadness, muddled thinking... NMT reduces mental noise and clears out confusion. With less brain turbulence, it's easier to look positively towards your future.

A New Story

The unique power of NMT is to engage you in shifting the old story—riddled with frustration, fear, guilt, grief or anger—to your new story of exciting possibilities. In NMT, personal interaction with an experienced guide is combined with creative brain technology.

Just talking about your life is unlikely to change it. And technology alone isn't up to the challenge. NMT integrates the two, giving you a formula for rapid and lasting change.